Mealz by Momma Gainz

Tired of the bland, dull and generic meal preps?? Gourmet meal prep costs way too much?? Don't know where to start or what to do??


Here at MEALZ BY MOMMA GAINZ We believe that eating healthy, clean and organic meals should not only be affordable, easy for our clientele and above all, TASTE GREAT!!

Lets face it... eating healthy sucks! sacrificing taste, flavor and more... Momma Gainz is one of Hollywood's most sought after Executive Chefs. Cooking for the A-list and hollywood elite. A top honor Le Cordon Bleu Alum, Jonny Gainz is a classically trained chef who understands food, nutrition and health inside and out. Never losing sight of flavor, texture and quality. The man is a food genius!!!!!


Most meal prep systems just are too pricey and cost too damn much! That’s why we are proud to be one of the most affordable meal prep service in Los Angeles to make & fulfill all your prep needs. Often times, with our busy schedules leave us with no extra time to prepare quality, nutritious meals for the week ahead... which makes prepping a total drag!! till now...

With that said, we have come up with a system  that allows you to customize your own  meals, pre-planned scheduled meals or to follow your  MACROS..... but also taste GREAT!!

Eating healthy no longer has to be a bore and a chore...

Whether you are an average joe, busy mom, office type, gym rat, seasoned athlete or just trying to follow a healthy passage... MOMMA GAINZ has a plan for you.

Healthy Gourmet Meal Prep... Affordable and READY TO GO!!!