Matthew " MOG" Spencer

Coach Matt Spencer aka M.O.G. is a seasoned and very accomplished Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter with 2 Championship Titles to his credit. (pro mma 4-2, ammy mma 5-1, muay thai 2-0) and an active Brown Belt in the 10th Planet Brazilian Jiu-jitsu System under tutelage the world famous and Legendary BJJ Icon EDDIE BRAVO and a striking phenomenon with the help of WBC, MTAA & GLORY Muay Thai Champion Joe Schilling.

Matt was a huge and vital asset of the official TAPOUT MMA fight team.

M.O.G. has learned from the worlds best talent and continues to evolve his style.

A Trainer of over 12 years experience, Matt has obtained the rank of MASTER TRAINER.

Having worked with numerous actors, athletes and the fighting elite of UFC.

The charm, knowledge & charisma matt possesses is infectious

His training philosophy is of "Train HARD, Diet HARD, EASY RESULTS"

Coach Matt has a vast array of specialties to his merit.

From Functional Training, Rehab, Biomechanics & performance training.... all the way to his superb training method in MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Agility training.

Holly "lil bear" Lawson

.Holly “Lil Bear” Lawson has experienced greatness first hand as a Top 5 Welterweight contender, but now she assists a star-studded clientele take their talents to new heights as a celebrity trainer. Holly’s uncanny motivational techniques have helped actors such as Rosamund Pike (“Die Another Day”, “Girl Gone”), Alexandra Shipp (“X-Men: Apocalypse” “Straight Outta Compton”), Sophie Turner (“Game of Thrones”), Aimee Carrero ("Elena of Avalor) and Eddie Cahill (“Miracle on Ice”, “CSI:NY”). She also trains Grammy winning superstar Lorde and artistic eccentrics like producer Brook D'Leau and Hip-Hop artist Murs.  "I've fought my whole life, both in the ring and outside. My training philosophy is helping people become the best versions of themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually,” Lil’ Bear says.  Holly has been featured on mainstream outlets like E! Online, Elle UK,, Variety, W Magazine,, Daily Mail (The UK’s largest paper) and more. Continually challenging herself, Holly is a Bellator MMA fighter and a California Golden Gloves Champion. “Holly works harder than most of the male world champions I see. She has always brought a welcome light, along with her talent to Wildcard. We are all big fans of her both professionally and personally,” says Freddie Roach, Hall of Fame Boxing Trainer. Holly "Lil Bear" Lawson is an ambassador for combat sports and now she is a champion for those seeking remarkable metamorphosis in their physiques.

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Mike Gainz

Coach Mike Gainz a 14yr Personal Training) Veteran of the industry. He has studied SPORTS MED/ Kinesiology in some of the top programs in Los Angeles and received top accolades for his knack of applying mixed sciences to fitness training, with his unique approach to the fitness and sports.

He has been a part of the top 4 big box gym franchises (ballys, golds, 24hr fitness, L.A. Fitness) as a PT director/ Trainer/ Management.

M.G. has owned 3 gyms, produced 12 champions in combat sports, he was also the driving force of the official TAPOUT MMA FIGHT TEAM as the Head Striking Coach and Conditioning Coach, he went on to coach a near perfect fight season of 13-3 with the team. Training  former stars and current champs in the Boxing world and even UFC, Bellator, King of the Cage, and more. Worked with numerous celebs and tv shows as a fight choreography consultant and Countless Celebrities have seeked him out for his unique training method & style to obtain those GAINZ.

​He takes tremendous pride in the total weightloss combined of every client since day 1.... approx 5 tons of weigh lossed from every person who has had the opportunity to train with him in his career of 14yrs. The man has a passion to make people better, to become super human! he is his own clienteles #1 fan and supporter. He has an affinity to see them succeed.

On top of his addiction for fitness, Mike Gainz is obsessed with the COMBAT ARTS (Boxing, muay thai, mma & bjj) with close to 20yrs experience. He has trained under and learned from the Industry Legends like Kathy Long, the late and great mma champ Joe Camacho, Grand Master Les Connard, Art "1 glove" Jimmerson of UFC 1, Bolo Yueng of BLOODSPORT,  Raul Cruz and many many many more. Definitely passing their legacies and philosophies. 


MIKE GAINZ has learned hands on with sum of the industries finest like World Record Bench Press Champion Scot Mendelson, IFBB Gerald Gilchrist III, Mike O'Hearn, WWE Superstars and various others. Always the attentive question asker, eager to be better & improve, he would compare notes, drawings, diagrams to improve & just be more better, but efficient! 

Jacob Rockymore


Jacob has been Studying MMA for more than 10 years: Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu.

He is currently the  Co-captain of the world famous BJJ LEGEND EDDIE BRAVO's 10th planet HQ fight team and the 5 Star Fight Team.


He holds a record of 3-3 in California; while he hasnt faced any real adversity,  The man has determination, work ethic and dedication inside and outside of the cage.  He is all heart & soul... Hunger to be the best! 


Jacob teaches Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and MMA. A vast well of knowlegde, skills & talent.

A very well rounded instructor, He trains all levels, all types, shapes, sizes and ages.

definitely the future of the sport, we are glad to be the home of Jacob Rockymore. 

available for Personal Training, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling & MMA 


Maria G. Ponce

Maria is a certified Massage Therapist with 5+ years of experience. She specializes in therapeutic body work from non-athletes to professional athletes. Works on clients with chronic injuries that still come up due to scar tissue, or lack of body maintenance to clients who suffer from chronic body pain that benefit from receiving massage therapy. Marias approach is professional, respectful, caring and real. Her sessions can be focused on particular goal areas or can vary to more stress-management and relaxation. Blending techniques of deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point, sports (stretching) etc. she caters to your specific needs. Athletes, performers, desk workers, drivers, active, used-to-be active, pregnant and the overly stressed can all benefit from a therapeutic massage. 

** Appointment Only

Tues      5pm-8pm

Thurs    10am-1pm and 5pm-8pm

Tadd Fulton


Coach Tadd started boxing at the early age of 8yrs old and began competeting at 12yrs old. With an amateur boxing record of 12 and 1 and pro boxing record in boxing 4-0. Pro MMA record of 3-0


We are proud & honored to have one of southern california's premier & elite striking/ mitt work coaches at BBMG GYM. With over 15yrs of experience... proven track record & a beautiful resume of accomplished clientele, he has shown the world his skill set.


Above all of his accomplishments, Tadd is also quite the talented athlete, Actor/ Model, social media persona & adrenaline junkie! Rock Climbing and other extreme sports, the man is talented!

An amazing instructor & coach...

Tadd is definitely the future of the sport.

Available for 1 on 1 sessions, group sessions & coaching for boxing.  Also teaches group classes